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The Irish Pub Academy

Unique and specialised Irish pub tours catered to bring you through time and experience the wonder of an age-old Irish heritage and culture.

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The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub is a time honored tradition and occupies a central
position in the cultural and social life of Ireland.

The Atmosphere

The local pub acts as an escape from the stress of everyday life as a haven of humor,
relaxation and good conversation.

The Tradition

Today the traditional Irish pub has become an international and global phenomenon admired and imitated all over the world.

Welcome to the Irish Pub Academy

Discover the intriguing story of the Irish Pub and explore the history,
culture and heritage of this great national institution of Ireland. So
join us at the Irish Pub Academy and enjoy the complete Irish Pub
experience including our signature historic pubs and folklore tour and
our premium Irish whiskey tour.

Irish Pub Tour

Discover the intriguing story of the Irish Pub from ancient times to the present day in an informative and highly entertaining way. Your guide will describe all the major developments in the history of the Irish Pub and reveal many interesting facts and figures about this great national institution in the context of Irish life and culture.

Learn about Irish culture

We begin our journey back in time with the renowned brewers of ancient Celtic Society through to the monastic distillers of early Christian Ireland and the first Norman taverns of the medieval period. We then trace the evolution of the Irish Pub from the first licensed premises to the traditional public house of the 19th century and finally as modern international commodity and global phenomenon.

Experience the real Ireland

You will learn of Ireland’s most famous beverages and enjoy a tasting experience with samples of stout, beer, and ale. At the end of the experience you will receive a unique and personalized certificate from the Irish Pub Academy.

Irish Pub Experience

Become a true Irish Pub Tour Connoisseur
A unique interactive and educational experience unlike any other in Irish Pub Tour in Galway
For visitors looking for the real Irish Pub experience and those who have a special affection for the Irish Pub in general